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What a Registered Dietitian Can Do For You?

Registered dietitians are your most credible source of nutrition information. Look for the RD or RDN initials indicating the practitioner has: completed a Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate degree in nutrition; completed 1200 hours of supervised practice; passed a national exam; and, maintained continuing education hours.

Top 10 Reasons to Consult a Registered Dietitian


  1. You have diabetes, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, cancer or other chronic disease.

  2. You are thinking of having or have had gastric bypass surgery.

  3. You have digestive problems.

  4. You're pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding your baby.

  5. You are concerned about your young child's weight or risk of becoming overweight.

  6.  Your teenager has issues with food and is showing signs of an eating disorder.

  7.  You need to gain or lose weight.

  8. You're caring for an aging parent or concerned about your nutritional needs as you age.

  9. You want to eat smarter and help your family get healthier.

  10.   You want to improve your performance in sports.

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